DX Commander HF Multi-Band Vertical Antenna

G6NJM - Chris Amateur Radio

Recently, I’ve been looking at multi-band verticals with a view to portable/holiday, and temporary home use too. I have purchased the DX Commander Premium Build – HF Multi-Band Vertical Antenna System from Callum, M0MCX. I enjoyed building the kit and it works well.

I would like to thank Callum (M0MCX) for his prompt and helpful replies to questions leading up to my purchase decision.  Callum hosts a DX Commander YouTube channel with very frequent new videos for the amateur radio community aimed at encouranging experimentation, explaining all things antenna related and much more… you have to check it out.

I watched all the DX Commander contruction videos and highly recommend them if you are considering an HF multi-band vertical antenna.  There are three main parts and other related videos. Use an internet site search with “Building a multi-band Vertical ham radio antenna DX Commander Part 1” and you’re sure to find it.