DVMEGA & BlueStack-Micro+ Boards

G6NJM - Chris Digital Modes

These are the circuit boards that comprise a DVMEGA BlueStack (Android) or iBlueStack (iOS). Either of these BlueStack-Micro+ boards can be paired with either of the DVMEGA radios – the single band or dual band.

These hotspots can operate in two modes:

  • ‘push button out’ for Bluetooth to Android (BlueStack-Micro+) or iOS (new iBlueStack-Micro+) using BlueDV software
  • ‘push button in’ for connection to Raspberry Pi 2/3 or PC using BlueDV, MMDVM, Pi-Star (check availability)

Here is a photo of the dual-band 2m/70cm DVMEGA on BlueStack-Micro+ board connected via cable to USB port on Raspberry Pi 2. This configuration can run BlueDV (Linux), Pi-Star or other MMDVM options.

The software you decide to use will be based on how you prefer to operate in the different modes supported.

With BlueDV software:
Android/Windows PC – DMR/DSTAR/FUSION
iOS – DMR/FUSION (DSTAR not supported due to technical limitations). This version supports background operation for DMR which is an excellent feature.

DVMEGA BlueStack units operating in Bluetooth mode need no computer and run on battery packs for extended periods. Perfect for use with Android and iOS phones/tablets (check versions of phones/tablets for compatibility).

In the UK, these products are available from Karl Powell and now also ML&S. In the Netherlands, from Combitronics.